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If you are looking to significantly improve your suspension, KONI offers a range of products designed to fit your specific needs. As a leader in the industry, KONI is committed to offering the finest quality product with optimal performance. While other manufacturers concentrate on mass production, KONI focuses on the quality and specialist segment.

To attain the best handling characteristics, every KONI application is developed for a specific vehicle. Most factory dampers are chosen for financial reasons rather than performance, and the outcome generally produces a lower technology, and cheaper product. In some instances, a factory damper may have a few good characteristics, but may need help in other areas. There are even a few instances where the KONI engineers found better handling by softening the factory dampers. Again, this all depends on the specific vehicle and its factory equipment, and KONI is exceedingly aware of the importance of tailoring to each vehicle's needs in order to provide optimal performance and ride comfortability.