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A KONI is not your average shock absorber. They feature a number of standards that make them unique:

Adjustable - to set them to your personal preference and to compensate for wear.
Tailormade - not a copy of the original, but designed for a specific car or even conditions.
Improvement - individually tested until the optimum in handling and comfort is reached.
Saftey - the handling of your car is a major issue for your own safety. 
Built for a Lifetime -  a set of KONI shock absorbers will usually outlive your car.


KONI Technology 

KONI experts recognize that every vehicle has unique damping needs. KONI manufactures three shock absorber technologies in order to choose the perfect damping solution. Every KONI (excluding STR.T) is adjustable for ultimate performance benefits.


KONI Philosophy 

KONI is committed to delivering the finest quality product with the best performance. KONI has vast experience, and a world-wide reputation in developing their products for all applications. Their engineers ensure that every product is manufactured to meet the highest standards. KONI shock absorbers are produced from the finest materials; surfaces are machined to the narrowest tolerances and quality control is incorporated in all production steps. At the end of the production line every single damper is 100% dyno-tested to assure the highest quality. This philosophy results in unrivaled lifetime, superb road performance and maximum customer satisfaction. The KONI philosophy is one of no compromises.